about the designer

A picture of the designer, Malcolm, standing in a snow-covered forest wearing a heavy leather coat with a broad fur collar and primay-coloured hand-woven scarf. He is looking directly at the camera and smiling. He has long, brown, curly hair that falls below shoulder, a full beard, and blue, square framed glasses.

My name is Malcolm Stielow. I’m a human centred design practitioner, writer, and reflexivity policy consultant. My background as a maker working in both 3D and 2D spaces has helped me develop ways of bringing together traditional craft practices with human-centred designing. I now work with individuals and companies on incorporating these into a culture of reflexivity in their personal environments. Having previously taught foundations of design at the University of Alberta, I am deeply interested in teaching through play and learning through frivolity. I recently graduated from the University of Alberta's Human Ecology department with a Master of Arts in Material Culture. Some of my best-known designs include reflexive games and exercises, such as the “Pillow Forts” exercise, a morse-code-inspired line of jewellery, and tools to assist persons with temporary disabilities.