• Titanium Sol Earrings


    "We all have someone in this world who, to us, shines brighter than anyone else. My brightest star used to have a pair or earrings like this when she was younger. So for her, I modernized and improved the design, and named them Sol earrings. As in sun. As in the star that outshines all others."

    - Designer Malcolm Stielow on the origin of Sol earrings.

    Sol earrings come in a variety of styles and colours, and can even be adorned with my original morse code interpretation.

    This version is the original round shaped titanium body, and sterling silver ear wire. They can be customized to any colour of the electric rainbow, or even adorned with morse code. Each individual ear wire for this type of closure has been hardened and meticulously tested to hold at least 10X the weight of the weight of the earring itself. I know that everyone hates earrings that fall off, so I make ones that don't.

    The standard ones won't have morse code on them, but adding morse code can give them a personal flair. Because of the size of the earrings, please limit words to six letters or less.