Moustache Comb Tie Bar


Half moustache comb,

Half tie bar,

Half scarf pin.

              All the rugged manliness you could want.

Each and every moustache comb is made from CP2 titanium that was originally from Sidewinder missiles. Not only is it light like aluminum, but it's stronger than steel, corrosion resistant, hypoallergenic, and used for missiles. I get my hands on it and forge it the old-fashioned way.

                                Fire. Anvil. Hammer. 

The comb teeth are carefully hand cut, filed, and tested to ensure it is safe and reliable to use on your glorious facial hair.

                                    Beard tested, beard approved.

Each is polished appropriately, and then to add a little colour when needed, we immerse it in a special electrolyte solution and hit it with an electrical current to realign the surface crystals and make it pretty. Also known as anodizing. Available in every colour of the electric rainbow.

These are a handmade product, and are made to order. Some customization is not only possible, but encouraged to make it truly a one-of-a-kind piece that you are proud to call your own. Or give as a gift.

Due to the handmade nature, some variation in size can occur, but these items are approx.

H: 1.0cm x W: 6.0cm    or   0.4in x 2.4in

For custom orders, other colours, metals, or styles may be available. Be sure ask what if you have something special in mind.