• Iaido Belt

    Please specify the length (in inches) you would like your belt. I'll punch a couple of holes on either side of the number you give me, just to be safe

    Iaido (ee-eye-doh) n. a Japanese martial art that emphasizes being aware and capable of quickly drawing the sword and responding to a sudden attack.

    Be aware, be ready, be capable.

    Only available at malcolmstielow.com.

     Made of high quality titanium fragmentation rod originally slated for use in sidewinder missiles, this sleek, hyper-modern belt can put on or off with a simple twisting motion, making it simply unlike anything else. It be anodized to any colour of the electric rainbow, and can also be accented with my unique morse code system. Lightweight and strong, and sewn onto only top quality leather.

    the buckle come on your choice of premium black or brown leather. The two-tone orange belt pictured at the top is the September Special Edition. They're a great example of what you can get out of a custom order.

    Available in a few different finishes:

    Scratch - A time honoured texture in high end jewellery. Stand up extremely well to the test of time.

    Brushed - A matte finish, a great modern look

    Polished - Bright and shiny. 

    Sunburst - A thousand cuts that make it shine. 

    Hammer Forged - Made the old fashioned way, fire + anvil + hammer. Modern meets rustic.

    close up of a hammer forged buckle on a premium black leather belt w/ black nylon stitching.

    Twist Forged - If elves were forging these belt buckles, this is probably how they would look.

    close up of a twist forged buckle on a premium brown leather belt w/ brown nylon stitching.

    Hand stitched for durability in your choice of materials and colours.

    Waxed Nylon Stitching - The most cost effective way to stitch a belt together. Synthetic and available in a more limited colour palette

    Waxed Natural Hemp Stitching - A more eco-friendly option, but more expensive as well. Available in the widest array of colours.

    Waxed Kevlar Stitching - The strongest and most cut-resistant fibre. Kevlar only comes in two colours, but they are bulletproof colours.

    or if you would rather:

    Forged Titanium Staples - Strong as it gets, and adds extra visual interest to the belt.