• Corbeaux Cufflinks

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    In the golden filament light of the midnight cafe

    she flashed me a wry little smile and stole the last bit of cheesecake

    and with it, the last guarded piece of my heart.

    Hand forged, one-piece titanium cufflinks. A raw, simple, fold formed shape as uncomplicated as life should be. Made from titanium fragmentation rod repurposed from Sidewinder missiles.

    The curvilinear, whiplash shape is going to be a little different every time I make it. It's a little different from everything else I make. These are inspired by a memory:

    a midnight coffee in a beautiful place with just the right company.

    They remind me of all the good times I have when I let go of the illusion of control and find joy in simplicity. For me, the hammer, anvil, and fire are more than just the means by which I make. They are my therapy and my crutch. The hammer strikes deafen you and drown out your thoughts. The fire is wild, and demands your undivided focus. The anvil is patient, and is unmoved by you and your nonsense. 

    I encourage you to put these on a go make memories of your own.