As a maker, you can't design for now. By the time you've finished your design, now will be then, and soon will have become the new now. A good maker designs for the future. The Major Projects Division is where future products go to become the new now. It is stories on some of the completed projects, and updates on the ongoing ones.

The Glyph Project
It started with a small challenge I had only an hour to solve; make a pendant for someone visually impaired. Originally incarnated as a precursor to braille known as sonography. It soon became braille, but that wasn't correct either. I wanted it to have a sound. Eventually, the notation was modified to work for morse code, giving each pendant not only a distinct look, but also a theoretical sound secretly encased in each Glyph symbol. 

Key Terms: Hypermodern, 
First Realized: Pendant "Zero" (2014)
Associated designs: Glyph Pendant, Sol Earrings, Iaido Belts.

Status: Permanent Ongoing

The Sidereus Project
[patience please. this section is still under construction]

Status: Delayed

Project Freelancer
    Design a belt that would fit almost any living human. While the mission statement is simple, the problem is truly wicked. People change size and shape constantly. Not just from week to week, not even day to day. The human waist changes size constantly throughout a day. We shrink, we bloat, we breathe. Somehow, the holes on a traditional belt are always just a little too tight or too loose. Freelancer is supposed to be the answer. A fully adjustable belt that can be cinched to almost any waist.
Key terms: Freedom, Casual, Cost Effective
First Realized: Freelancer Alpha (Coming Soon)
Currently associated designs: Freelancer Alpha, Freelancer Beta, Freelancer Furoshiki Sack

Status: Ongoing

The Nexus Project:
    I have always acknowledged that any given pair of people are as alike as they are different. This is one of many reasons why good design is important in this world. In part, design is about enabling people to do things for themselves, It is also why I am an advocate for education. Nexus will be as much an experience as it is a product, so we can all learn together.
Key terms: Modular, modern, customization.
First Realized: (coming soon)
Currently associated designs: (coming soon)

Status: Prototyping